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With over 1700 members, NADA is one of the fastest growing acupuncture-related organizations in the United States. NADA keeps growing and thriving because communities want access to the NADA group ear acupuncture model, and NADA members are committed to making this treatment accessible.  We invite you to join our diverse movement. We hope that this section helps you understand how NADA membership can support your goals.

Membership Benefits

Being a NADA member is the best way you can support the growth, expansion and sustainability of acupuncture and the NADA ear acupuncture protocol within addictions rehabilitation, mental health/psychiatric, disaster relief, self help and peer based recovery, harm reduction and jail/prison settings.  

NADA members have for over 25 years opened the door for the integration of the NADA model into thousands of such mainstream addictions and behavioral health programs. Solely funded by membership dues, NADA exists to support its membership through education, outreach, training, and advocacy.

Membership Prices

We now offer multi-year renewal options that can save you money and are available to both Associate Members and Acu Detox Specialists. We also offer a special student rate.

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Get started and immediately begin to access the benefits of membership.

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Renew your Associate, ADS or Trainer Membership fast and easy to keep enjoying your benefits.

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