Welcome to the official website of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association! Whether you are looking to get NADA trained as an Acu Detox Specialist, or hoping to integrate acupuncture protocol into your addictions or behavioral health program, or researching the use of acupuncture in addictions and mental health treatment, you've come to the right place.

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NADA - Spanish for "nothing"

NADA - a no-nonsense, non-verbal, no-drug pharmaceutical free, and barrier-free approach to behavioral health

NADA - Acu Detox, a five point ear acupuncture protocol for recovery

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I have been providing acu detox and now I want to train others. Where do I start?

NADA continues to grow because of its trainers - they are the foundation of this organization. We are so glad that you are interested in joining this group. To be eligible, you must have two years of current membership with NADA as an Acu Detox Specialist, two years of experience in addiction, trauma, or behavioral health treatment, and a currently active role in providing and/or promoting acu detox services. Decisions about granting of Registered Trainer status can also be determined by the evidence for the need for training capability in a given locale.

Application Requirements

  • Current resume
  • Photocopy of NADA Certificate of Training Completion
  • Brief letter of intent describing your experience with acu detox including dates and types of programs in whihc you have provided acu detox (minimum of 2 years immediately prior to applying); why you want to become a Registered Trainer; how you have promoted, supported, and advocated NADA's mission and philosophies; and what is the need for trianing and acu detox services in your region
    Nomination letter from either applicant's original trainer or a current NADA trainer familiar with applicant's work providing acudetox services
  • Check or money order for $200 (U.S. funds only) payable to NADA
  • Insurance declaration page or waiver as indicated in the application (recommended, not required)

Application Process

  • Contact the NADA office to request an application.
  • Submit application with application fee to the NADA office.
  • Application review process usually takes 4-6 weeks.
    If approved, you will be paired with a senior trainer and begin a mentorship process.
  • After co-facilitating one or more trainings with your mentor, and upon recommendation by your mentor, you will be approved to become a NADA Registered Trainer.
  • If denied, your application will be returned to you with a check for $150, less $50 for a processing fee.

Responsibilities of a Trainer

  • Adhere to the NADA Code of Ethics;
  • Maintain current ADS membership and additionally a trainer membership which is equivalent in monetary value to the ADS membership and shares the same renewal schedule;
  • Comply with the continuing education requirement of 7.5 CEUs annually;
  • Purchase malpractice insurance (strongly recommended, although no longer required);
  • Provide trainings only when membership status is active;
  • Attend national trainer meetings at the annual conference (minimum 1 every 3 years);
  • Engage in a reinstatement process if trainer membership lapses more than 3 months.